Holla! Happy Thursday!! Apparently yesterday was I Want You to be Happy Day…how cute is that 🙂

I had a little bit of a sleep in today and when I finally got out of bed, I was staarving! I made something I haven’t had in FOREVER – poached egg with spinach on toast. I used this new Squirrlely bread that is made without flour and it is delish.

obvi I doused the eggie with hot sauce..

That beautiful yellowish blob in the corner is some stoneground mustard. I am so addicted to this stuff!! I also decided to have something else that I haven’t had in awhile….BAM! A green monster! LOOOOVE! Behold.

After brunch I bummed around the house for awhile, reading some blogs and sending some emails. Andrew came home from work early today because he went in early and was soo tired. So while he had a nap, I decided to take the B-diz for a walk. Lol Beas was so excited. The sun was shining and it was like +5 or something out, so we walked for about 45 minutes. Dizzle got soo dirty. He has to go for a haircut tomorrow and hopefully they’ll give him a much needed bath too 🙂

After our walk I came home and made a MONSTER ASS salad. Really…it was HUGE! I used some organic wild greens and some organic arugula. TONS of steamed veggies (baby corn, green beans, broccoli, snap peas, and peppers), about a tablespoon of feta, 1 chopped tomato, a blob of this avocado wasabi dip/dressing, raspberry vinagrette and a tiny drizzle of ranch. I annihilated it in about 5 seconds.

After lunch I cleaned up a bit and then started reading my new book Push. I’m only like 11 pages in but so far so good. I also started transferring all my recipes over into my new recipe book I got from Andrew. My old book is completely full and there is such random collab of shit stuff. It has drawings, poems, recipes, ideas, phone numbers, etc., lol all the things NOT supposed to be in a recipe book.

When Andrew got up we went to this Indian grocery store that we had never been to. We got some garam masala and some paneer for an INDIAN SUPPA tonight! We made Saag Paneer with tomatoes and it was sooo YUMMMY. I frickin love paneer. You can find the recipe riiiight here. Its from the Better Health Mag website. Try. It. Now.

That’s it! That’s my day! I’m off to read some more of my book and hang out with my boys! Have a great night! Here is a picture of Beas lookin all cute haha who knows what he will look like after his haircut tomorrow 😉

Paije xx