Booyah! Hellooo Friday! Today was a super awesome day! Hope everyone else’s Fridays were great! I started today off with some yummy yummy chia seed pudding parfait ish like thing. With kiwi on top obvi 😉

I mixed about 1/4 cup of chia seeds, 1 tsp of cinnamon and approx 1 cup of almond milk in a bowl and let it sit for about 15 min until it was nice and thick. I then layered some Jordan’s Organic Cereal with the chia pudding and topped it with a kiwi. Was aaaawesome.

After breakfast I took Beasley for a quick little 15 min walk and a little play in the backyard. His haircut looks so funny! He looks like an alien. Haha he’s still cute but he looks like to needs little bows in his hair now or something. Take a look:

we do feed him. really we do.

Andrew took me out for lunch today! SO SWEET! We had both never been to this place and it was SOO GOOOD!! We were going to go to my favorite lunch place, City Perk Cafe, but decided to try something new. Enter The Fine Art Cafe. I had the panini delisioso and a side salad with spicy mango dressing and a sunshine lemon tea and Andrew had the chicken pesto panini with ginger noodle soup and coffee. DELISIOSO absolutely.

After lunch we went treadmill shopping (loooong story, big decision) and then came home and read some more of Push. I didn’t get to read for very long because….we were going to WALKING WITH THE DINOSAURS!!! I have wanted to go soo bad since it first came out and Andrew bought tickets today 🙂 I couldn’t have been more exited! I ALMOST came home with a pair of these:


The slippers were $35!! A little bit too much just for dino slippers. Instead I came home with 1 picture! They said not to take pictures but I couldn’t help it! And we only took one….;)

The show was soo wonderful. I loved it. I loved the raptors and the baby t-rex. I wanted them to be real and I wanted to take them home haha.

Supper was a little boring, but still reeeally filling. I had a veggie burger with some sauteed spinach and a laughing cow herb and garlic cheese wedge on a Compliments whole grain In the Thin bun, relish and stoneground mustard on the side, with a big ass veggie filled salad.

Yeah so it is 1:13 am and I am out cub scout. Goood night!

Paije xx