Goood evening lovaaaahs. Hope everyone had a T-rrific Sunday. I spend mine at work with some SUPER SWEEET work peeps. Ahh they sure know how to make me smile 🙂 Anways, quick quick post as I need to get this ass to bed.
Breakfast was overnight oats made in the bottom of an almond butter jar with some raspberry jam and half a banana. I probably got this idea from Jenna at Eat Live Run because she’s awwwesome and she started my crazy obsession with le cold oats.

I know it’s a terrible picture. I’m not sure if it is the camera or the operator… 😉

SOoOoO I packed up my little lunchi in my cute little lunch bag (made by my mom of course) and peaced out for work.

Above is just some leftover sushi, a veggie burger, salad with some brussel sprouts and fennel, coconut water, a granola bar (my mom makes those super cute bags too) and an apple. AND I ATE IT ALL. I also brought more granola bars and some macaroons for D-bitches. Went for a walk during our lunch and it was sooo sloppy out. And apparently there was a race going on so we were kind of in the way. Overall, great walk ~ great talk.

BAM! That’s right. The boyf made low-fat french onion soup for suppa. Was ready 5 minutes after I walked in the door! YYYYEAAAAH! That’s what I call service muahahha. ♥

Oh yeah, the macaroons!! Well…I should of just left them like this:

and ate them straight out of the bowl. Instead I OVERCOOKED them. Really. They were haaard. Too hard for my liking. Note to self: NO DEHYDRATING OVERNIGHT. Sorry! No recipe yet. You can have it when I cook them like they are supposed to be cooked 🙂

No breakfast plans, no lunch plans, no supper plans. Maybe I will wake up and the food genie will have made them all for me????? Riiiiiiiiiiight.

Sweeet dreams!!!! Might be back tomorrow night for a late night post! Crazy Paije late night posting. Haha oh it works with everything.

Paije xx