Goooood morning monstas!! Hope you all had a wonderful sleep. I sure did! Sorry for no post last night. You can blame this:

I lasted about 5 minutes after I finished my cup. I almost ALWAYS catch up on sleep on long change.

SoOoOoo some eats from yesterday. That’s what you are here for right?? šŸ™‚ Okay breakski was an egg white omlette made with 2 organic free run eggie whites, cherry tomatoes, fresh dill, orange pepper, mushrooms and spinach. When it was almost done I threw in a Laughing Cow wedge and a ton of pepper.

Yum yum yum. Lots of organic ketchup on top. I probably licked the bowl. And hehe look who woke up and wandered into my room while I was getting ready

Ahh this picture makes me laugh. A minute later he was digging a hole under my yoga mat. He’s so crazy.

I didn’t take any pictures of my lunch (SHOCK!!) because it was pretty much the same as the day before. Some salad, some sushi and some oranges. And another granola bar. There are none left! Guess I need to make some more šŸ™‚

Andrew’s night to cook again and this is what he made:

He is such a good cook. Bow tie pasta curry with carrots and broccoli.Obvi I had a salad on the side. And I topped it with goat chedda after I snapped this pic. I’m probably going to take leftovers to work tonight!

This morning I had some cereal. Not just any cereal though. The BEST cereal I’ve ever had. It started with Jordan’s Organic Morning Crisp, some chia seeds millet puffs, almond milk, Almond Butter Extreme (with honey and flax), LOTS of maple flakes on top and some goji berries.

My belly is happy happy. I also had a shot of this:

Now I’m going to take Dizzle for a walk, hopefully get to Dad’s for some groceries, make some food and have a nap before my night shift! I see around the blog world that people are doing meatless monday or taco wednesday, etc. but because my schedule is always so different, I am going to do raw food long change! It doesn’t rhyme and it doesn’t sound exciting but I PROMISE it will be! Long change is what we call the 24 hrs we don’t work between our day and night shifts. Its pretty sweet. Almost feels like a day off!

I will be back with some sort raw dish for tonight. Oh, and the name of my post?? Hhahaha watch this video and you will understand šŸ™‚ Try not to piss yourself laughing. Vagazzle is my new favorite word. Have an awesome day!!

Paije xx