Prynhawn da!! That’s Welsh for good afternoon! How is everyone doing today?? I’m great! And still in my pjs 😉 I left work early last night and wow am I glad that I did. SOO BUSYY!!! But when I got home I couldn’t sleep!! Blah, nothing new. I did have some good munchies last night though! My supervisor brought in some ranch nuts and bolts with fishy crackers and I couldn’t help but eat TONS of them hehe. Oh well, I stayed away from the chips both nights!

Yesterday I left off with me cooking matar paneer…..only what I made was nothing close. The recipe I found was totally WACK and so I kind of had to make it like the other indian meal I made. I am not posting a recipe because I have no idea what even went in here.

This was the rest of my lunch. Grapes, hummus, Mary’s Crackers and Annie’s Chedda Bunnies (I ♥ Annie’s).

I ate every last bite (surprisingly the matar paneer ish thing wasn’t half bad) plus two cups of coffee and HEAPS of those nuts and bolts. Full belly at 2am.

This afternoon I was craving something savory. Something delicious. Something dessert like. This is what happened:

YUM!!! All I did was slather two pieces of The Big 16 bread with almond butter, honey, and dairy free mini chocolate chips and put in the pan. I put my cast iron pan on top to flatten it and voila! Le wonderful brunch!

That’s all she wrote foodwise so far! No idea what is in store for tonight yet 😉

So, does anyone remember on Facebook when there was a post about going to urbandictionary an posting the first definition that comes up. Well I wanted to do this (like all 300 of my friends were) BUT COULDN’T. Look at what was posted for my name:

Paige (My spelling is not defined yet, so I just go by this one)

An “engaged and underage”, flat chested, bitchy girl whose nuva-ring falls out during passionate lovemaking with her “of age” fiance’. She also enjoys discussing “poop” daily.

WTF really?? It’s funny, but would of been funnier if it was someone else’s name 😉

Anywoo I should probably go get some stuff done and play with Biz before the boyf gets home from work. We might be having a movie date tonight! Have a great Thursday!!

Paije xx

Questionssss: Do you speak any other languages?? I do not but I would love to learn. My mom’s fam is from Wales but I had to google how to say good afternoon 🙂
How does Urban Dictionary describe your name??