Happy Wednesday!!

Hope everyone had a great day!

I sure did 🙂

Beasley and I went for a walk this morning with my friend Kristi and her parent’s puppy Heidi. So cute.

Beasley wouldn’t leave her bunny Jersey alone though!

Pretty cute but I felt bad for the little thumper being tormented by the little monster!

Before I left this morning I made some homemade Roasted Maple Cinnamon Almond Butter

You heard me right.

The bomb diggity recipe is riiiiiight here.

Store bought nut butters are dead to me.

This is aaamaaaazing.

maple roasted frickin awesomeness

I snuck a few of these yummers before they went in the processor 😉

It took about 30 minutes with my food processor and with all the stopping to scrape down the sides and taste test.

The finished product pics are actually from batch x2 (I gave the whole first batch to Kristi!) and next time I will be quadrupling the recipe 😉

I had to try out a teeny bit before we went for our walk.

With half a mango and a piece of The Big 16.

Breakfast looks quite similar to last nights snack…

half a mango, piece of Mack’s Flax, a laughing cow and Crofter’s Superfruit Spread. North America style.

After our walk I came home for some lunch.

Nothing interesting.

Leftover salad from last night with 1/4 avocado and more of Heather’s Hummy Mustard Dressing

Does anyone else eat the skin of mangos??

I make sure to wash them really well and then chow down!!

Love them.

After lunch I had plans to start making a baby gift from my friend Sheena (baby Tensley) but I fell asleep!

Loved nap time.

I only had about a 40 minute nap but felt way better after.

Time for more almond butter!!

Half of a granny smith apple with LOTS of butta.

When Andrew got home from work we piddled around the house and played with Biz outside.

COULD NOT decide on what to have for supper.

I had too many cravings like usual so decided to have them all!

BBQed mushrooms, asparagus and green peppers with cuban seasoning.

Steamed artichoke with lemons. Dipped in the hummy dressing.

I baked up some goat cheddar covered in italian breadcrumbs.


I sliced them with dental floss (peppermint by mistake lol) just like my mom does with her cinnamon buns 🙂

Final projecto

romaine lettuce topped with said grilled veggies, baked yam slices, baked goat cheddar and arty the artichoke.

Tomorrow is RECYCLING day!!



All my recycling for 2 weeks.

45 minutes later…

Could you imagine all of this going in the garbage???

I could never go back to a life of not recycling 🙂

Just ooonne more little tid bit of my day.

Macadamia walnut hemp heart milk.


All nuts blended with some water and a pinch of stevia and then strained with a fine mesh strainer.

I mash the nut pulp with a spoon to get all the liquid out and then put it in the fridge to save for later.

And ready for drinkage.

Well not really.

I can’t milk. Even nut milks.

Call me crazy.

I just like to have it in my oatmeal and cereal and such. 🙂

Okie dokie.

That’s it.

I reeeeally need to get to bed finish watching What Happens in Vegas!! Hehe

Night everyone!!

Paije xx

How are you showing the Earth some love tomorrow??