Sup bloggerinos!


Everyone have a super day?

I showed the Earth some love today by laying outside with Bizzle, soaking up some sun!! And…

I burnt my elbow.

And it huuurts.

Damn sun.

Note to self: SPF elbows.

So Earth Day is my favorite holiday (almost) and I did not do anything spectacular at all.

I recycled like usual and that’s it.

Disappointing x 10.

Moving on…

Breakfast was 3 egg white, dill, tomatoes and a LC wedge with 1/4 of a leftover granny smith apple and my new best friend the best almond butter in the world.

Ooooh, terrible lighting haha.

Lunch was a wrap with sweet potato, sprouts, cucumber and ranch. With a few grapes and hot peppers on the side.

Eaten outside on my beachy towel obvi.

I also read these two newbies while I was sunning myself

and played tons of catch with this kid

When I came inside I shared some yogurt with Beasley, whose appetite is also through the roof today.

Because Andrew had to get up at 4am for overtime this morning, he had a nap after work.

So I decided to make supper.

Well that’s nothing new but this time I didn’t get him to help 😉

I made a veggie thing out of one of my cookbooks.

Eeeehhh it looks really yummy but I wasn’t such a fan.


This was my favorite thing.

Stuffed avocado covered with salt and pepper pistachios and black sesame seeds with homemade garlic chili chips.

The inards…

My plate ( x 2 )

Andrew took me out for icecream for dessert!

We went to Jerry’s because I was craaaaving carrot cake gelato but no such luck.

So I had a scoop of skor gelato and pistachio fudge.

And now I’m stuffed and pooped.

Sorry not much talkie talkie about my day.

My stomach is probably going to explode right now.

See you tomorrow!!

Paije xx

PS. Tomorrow is date night! YAY!!