There’s a new mooostache in town.

More on that later.

Happy May 1!!

Hope you’re having a great weekend so far!

I took last night off from posting so I’ll be playing a little bit of catch up tonight 🙂


Yesterday morning I got up fairly early to make granola bars for a SMALL TOWN BLOOGER MEET UP with this coolio girl.

I had a pretty light breakfast because I knew we were going to one of my favorite places for lunch.

One egg with organic ketchup and a pear.

I met Allison at City Perk and we had an awesome visit! She is so nice and it was awesome to meet another Saskatoon blogger! It was a sweet meet.

I had a romaine salad with some kind of vinaigrette that I can’t remember. Whateves, it was awesome anyway 🙂

I also had the best unpictured London Fog I’ve ever had in my life.

For reals.

For supper Andrew and I went out for Indian!!


We went to India Palace and I had the matar paneer.

Oooh multiply this plate by about 3. And add some naan bread, too.

Hells yes I love Indian food.

We were going to go see Nightmare on Elm Street last night but bailed and went mini golfing instead.

And indulged in more food. Obvi.

Dessert was a yummy mess of vanilla frozen yogurt, one of my granola bars (with added marshmallows) and strawberries.


It was a pretty ballin’ date night if you ask me.


Today I got woken up with breakfast in bed!!

Haha as if!

I made this shiz myself. Andrew did go to the store this morning and get all the ingredients though 😉

Baked egg + 2 egg whites, broccoli, fresh dill, red peppers and mushrooms with a tsp of milk on top baked in the oven at 350F for about 15 ish minutes and then smeared with goat cheese. Served with 1/2 a piece of The Big 16 bread and some grapes.

May for Andrew is Mooostache Moustache  May.

Basically he and some guys from work grow mooostaches in May.


Right now my boyfriend looks like this handsome gentleman.


He would kill me if I put the pictures up I took of him today, but I did snag a picture of someone else participating in Mooostache May.


I skipped lunch today by accident and made up for it with a big supper.

We made pita pizzas and I also had sugar snap peas and steamed cauliflower with mushroom gravy.

The pizza had organic tomato and basil pizza sauce, mushrooms, onions, red peppers, broccoli and the tiniest sprinkle of goat chedda.

The mushroom gravy had the usual suspects of laughing cow, almond milk, tons of pepper, fresh dill and mushrooms.

Dessert was EPIC.

In my books anyway.

Good Karma Organic Rice Divine Carrot Cake ice cream.

I don’t even have words for how good it was.

Hehehe now I have a funny video we took today of this cutie pie

I got it from my mama ♫

Arg Flipvideo is making me mental.

Will try again tomorrow.

Sweet dreeeeams!

Paije xx