Hey bloggies!

Happy humper day!

Work was bussssy today and I am T-I-R-E-D!!

Are you sick of hearing that from me yet???

This is the first time I’ve had a chance to relax allll day and it’s 11pm!! ****edit: It is now 12pm!! Pukey dog and computer bs  😦 ***

Moving on….

Breakfast this morning was a copycat meal from this awesome girl’s blog and made a pineapple scramble!

This was phenomenal! Super lurrrrve!

Haha I didn’t realize how gross it looked until now. Don’t let its looks deceive you. Mine had grape tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and PINEAPPLE.

Lunch and snacks were as follows:

salad with mixed greens and arugula, tomatoes, walnuts, pineapple, cucumbers, feta, yellow peppers.

More yellow peppers with roasted red pepper hummus

1/2 mango and some cherries

some cottage cheese, veggies for my salad and lemon rosemary mini muffins for the work peeps

For supper I had a craving for fish sticks (no idea where that came from??)  so I decided to make some myself! I sliced up one piece of mahi mahi and dipped it in an egg white and then some panko bread crumbs mixed with cayenne, italian seasoning, garlic and onion powder, salt and pepper. Baked at 400F for about 25 min. Flipped once halfway through. I also had 2 1/2 baby potatoes with LC sauce and roasted asparagus, mushrooms and onions. Pickles on the side, obvi.

These fish sticks were the SHIIIIIIIZNITTT. I tell ya. I made some tartar sauce for dippin’.


Dessert was just some Stoneyfield Sunday’s Best Vanilla yogurt with granola, hazelnut almond butter and half a banana.

Pooor Beas is lying beside me. Just a sick little muffin 😦

Maybe he just needs some sleep. We probably both do 🙂

Hope everyone has a really good day tomorrow-I’m going to be doing some blog creeping and possibly a HIIT??

Sweet dreams monstaas!

Paije xx

PS. Heh heh wanna see something funny? Watch this.

This song was stuck in my head all day.