Heyers lovelies!

I’m baaaack!! (Again…)

I have a terrible track record for not posting when I’m working nights hey? I promise I’ll work on that 😉

Thanks so much for all the get well comments! I’m back at 150%. Weird weird sick day though. I NEVER get sick. Like maybe once a year? Something like that. So this was straaange. But I’m all betta!! And have tons of foodie pics to show you!

Wanna see some yummy meals?? I got to use my dad’s Canon awesome ( I have no idea what kind it is) when I was at home so a few of my pics look a bit different.

Walnut bread with pecan butter and half a bananer.

Two egg whites with orange and yellow peppers and dill, a pear and pecan butter.

These plates are my absolute fave. You’ll notice ALL my meals at home are eaten on them 🙂

Keepin it real with saaalad, ghetti and rosemary sourdough bread.

Mixed greens and romaine with shaved corn on (off?) the cob, cucumbers and italian dressing.

the ghetts was the usual laughing cow sauce, dill, mushrooms and a ton of pepper with steamed broccoli.

Little snacker plate of baby carrots, toast with pecan butter and a laughing cow.

protein pancakes with organic maple syrup and strawberries on a salsa plate.

Amy’s butternut squash soup (eeeh..not that great), beet salad, stuffed portobello mushroom and a piece of rosemary sourdough.

mixed greens, cucumbers, roasted beets, italian dressing with a squirt of ranch.

Okay! That totally highlights my days off at home haha! Back to the reg.



Breakfast was a new-to-me baked egg white puffy thing from Lindsay’s awwwesome blog! She makes goooood fooood!! I also had a piece of Squirrely bread with Crofter’s jam and almond butter.

The only thing I did differently was use trois egg whites instead of 2 whole eggs and laughing cow (typical typical) instead of goat cheese. And sprinkled some nutritional yeast on top. It’s soo good!! Like fo reals so so good! Here’s a nasty upclose pic

Lunch was a monster salad of  steamed broccoli, leftover curried couscous,  grape tomatoes, baby cucumbers, feta and a huge blob of roasted red pepper hummus. 

A glass of water and some lavender tea on the side.

Supper was a veggie pita pizza. But this was no ordinary veggie pizza. This one was topped with Humnut Cheese!!!!


This is insane. Oh jeez for reals. Don’t be scared of nutritional yeast please. Or the mixing with the hummus. It browns just like regular cheese and just tastes aaaahmazing!!

I did have some goat chedda on there too with mushrooms, onions, green peppers and broccoli.

I only got to have one piece before I packed it up for work. I added half an orange for some balance 🙂

I also made a smoothie that turned out to be a smoothie in a bowl.

1 cup of strawberries

1 cup of vanilla almond milk

a ton of ice

1/2 tsp guar gum

1/2 tsp xanthan gum

scoop of vanilla Progressive Harmonized Vegan Protein Powder

Those gums are craaazy town together! They made my smoothie soo thick and fluffy!! I topped it with granola and almost licked the bowl clean.


Breakfast was a yogurt mess

Apple love blackberry yogurt, millet puffs, cherries, chocolate chips and mulberries. Mmmmmmm.

Mulberries and chocolate chips: new beeeautiful flava combo

Superb yog messss

While I was sleeping the afternoon away (in preparation for another night shift obvi), the boyf made chili!! Booosya! The weather has been lame-o here for the past week + and I wanted nothing more than some yummy comfort food.

YUM!! He used Bob Red Mills 13 bean mix, mushrooms, onions, corn, grated carrots, tomatoes and a slew of  spices.

I think he’s a keeper 😉

I made the world’s grossest looking smoothie to tide me over until I could devour the chili and boy is it U-G-L-Y. And it ain’t got no alibi.

handful of spinach

1 cup of almond milk

tons of ice

half scoop of Progressive Vegan vanilla protein powder

half scoop of vanilla spice Hemp Protein powder

couple strawberries

1 cup of cherries

I did a HIIT today!! YAY!! I haven’t been getting in 60 min of exercise daily yet (being sicky kind of put a damper on that one) but since I was feeling better I decided what the heck and went for it. I only did a little 20 minute HIIT, but crap do I become a sweatmess when I’m finished! I do 1 min at 3, 1 min at 8 and 1 min at 5.5. I repeat this for 20 minutes and then do a 2 minute cool down walking at 3.5 at an incline of 4%. I love the feeling when I am finished. Feels aweeeesome!!

In keeping up with the 60 days of salad I packed a large and in charge salad.

spinach, mixed greens, grape tomatoes, 1/4 of an avocado, mixed peppers, steamed brussel sprouts, dill, feta, and baby cukes. Topped with the signature ranch swirl and roasted red pepper dressing.

Can you see the hiding brussel sprouts??

My lunch all packed up

Top bowl would be plain yogurt with grated goat chedda for the chili.

I finished all this food by like midnight so on my break I ate the rest of the Good Karma carrot cake ice cream 😉


I rolled myself out of bed at around 3:00 pm today. Love/hate this about night shifts. I get to sleep in, yet half of my  day is wasted. I still only got about 6 hrs of sleep.

Andrew and I ran some errands and went and picked up an Earl Grey Latte with nonfat milk from my fave little cafe, City Perk.

It says: Supporting a greener future.

All of their cups are recyclable! Too bad Tim Hortons couldn’t jump on that train….

Oh and because of my shitty Thursday, I had to cancel my nail appointment! I am in desperate need of a change! And they are getting soooo long.

I totally skipped all the usual meals today and just went straight for supper. We had pizza again!! Haha I couldn’t resist. I have been craving it since Friday (two whole days!! lol) so it was kind of a no brainer.

This little pizza had broccoli rabe (my first time and it is phenomenal), green peppers, onions, goat chedda and humnut cheese!  Le side salad of arugula, mixed greens, baby cukes, pickles, 1/4 avocado. Heaven.

I literally ate this in 5 seconds flat.

After supper Andrew and I took Beasley for a 45 minute walk in the rain and then I came back and did another 20 minute HIIT. Yays!! It was awesome again. Hopefully I can keep this up 🙂

While I was workin it on the treadmill, Andrew made bran muffins. I stole the top of one for my dessert and crumbled it on top of some plain yogurt, hemp hearts and almond butter.

I mixed 1 tbsp of almond butter with 2 tbsp of almond butter and microwaved it for about 30 ish seconds. I totally stole this idea from this blog riiight here.

Okay…I think that’s it! I will be posting on the regular now because I’m on days offfff again!!

Hope you guys had a great weekend (and a happy Memorial Day to you Americans!).

See you tomorrow for a step by step kale chip tutorial. If your interested in that kind thing that is 😉

Paije xx

PS. You didn’t think I forgot about the smile today did you?? I would never…

That’s right. The boyf and I are shoe twinzies.

And I have size 9 1/2 skis. Evidenced here:

and here: