‘Sup peeps!

Happy June 1!!!

I hope that means summer is finally here!

It was half decent out today (finally!) so Beaz and I spent a lot of time outside.

I had the same thing as yesterday for breakfast.

That might be boring to you, but I have found a new love

Don’t be surprised if you see scottish oats around here like everyday 😉

They are just soo good! And sooo filling. But Ashley is totally right when she says breakfast makes her sweat!!

There was an addition of chocolate covered mulberries but other than that, exactly the same. I know when not to eff with a good thang.

Chocolate covered mulberries are tasteh. I made them exactly like Angela made her chocolate covered raisins (I made those too) and they turned out better than I expected.

I ate LOTS of the mulberries before this pic was taken 🙂

This cute little jar from my mom fits them perfectly ♥

I slept in today by a lot! I had lots of shiz to get done and missed out on the whole morning almost. I tried to make it down to Lululemon before it got too busy, but no such luck. I drove around for 25 minutes and still couldn’t find a parking spot. I gave up and went and got fitted for a new bra instead. And it looks like I’ve been wearing the wrong cup size for like the last year. Sweet. Has anyone else had this problem? A little personal-I can’t understand-but seriously, the girl that did my fitting says this happens to like 70% of women or something craaazy!

I ended up having a piece of lemon poppy seed cake and a london fog latte from Tastebuds for lunch when I met my friend Janel and her son Treyton for coffee. She is 6 months pregnant and soo cute! She is still so small with just a little basketball belly 🙂 I forgot my camera, so no pics 😦

When I got home Andrew and I took the Biz for an hour or so walk and then I did a 25 minute fat blast on my treadmill and got a massive cramp! I am totally not a runner (yet) so I have no idea why this happened or what I could do to make it go away. They’re awful!! Any advice???

For supper Andrew barbecued corn on the cob and veggie kabobs. I seasoned my corn with tons of chili powder and garlic powder with a little bit of Earth Balance.

Tossed the corn and veggies on top of some arugula and mixed greens and then topped everything with fresh dill, 1/4 of an avocado, 2 big spoonfuls of chili. Then I made it rain feta. Cuz I’m ghetto like that.

And put a big glop of ranch on top to finish it off! It was suuupreme.

After supper I worked on a picture that I saw online a couple of months ago that I want soo bad but cannot afford. I bookmarked it I decided to make it myself. Well, try to anyways. I’ll take pics when I am all finis 🙂

I snacked on these jalapeno chippers between cutting and folding little hearts

Andrew and I are totally addicted to these Hardbite chips! I am such a salty snacker and I love that these are vegan and made in Canada. I only wish that we could get all the flavors here!! There are so many more I wish I could try. Naturally Home Grown Foods…..send me all your chips!! (Especially the coconut curry ones! YUM)

Anywhoo, time to get to bed so I can get up early tomorrow and actually have a productive day 🙂

Hope you guys had a fab June 1!

See yas tomorrow!!

Paije xx


Don’t mess with Bizzle when he’s eating his kale chips lol 🙂 🙂 🙂