Hey there!

Hope you’re all having a relaxing weekend.

I go back to work tomorrow. Already. Four days fliiies by!!

Last night was our staff sgts retirement party and it was a really good time!

I’m sure feeling that good time today, though 😦

I started yesterday out with some mini protein pancake stackers

I used this recipe and alternated jam, honey and coconut butter between the pancakes

and poured strawberries and maple syrup on top

Haha okay, now the next THREE meals I’ve eaten are all the same.

Soooorrry! I’ll show you pics  anyways 😉

Salad #1

Salad #2

Salad #3

I’m now muchin on a piece of chocolate from this chocolate bar

frozen deeelight.


I really gotta get some sleep now – have a great rest of the weekend!

Paije xx

If you find yourself with some extra time, check out these links that make me smile 🙂

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Feed your imagination.

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Remember how fun this was?

Happy belated Fathers Day!!

Design your own chocolate bar.

Imagine swimming here.

Good night!!!

PS. Happy Anniversary to my parents today!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!