Heeeeey friendssss šŸ™‚

I’m baaaaack and I missed your pretty faces more than you know! I’m sure the feeling is mutual too lol!!

Holidays were faaaboosh and I think I am going to have a pretty hard time getting back into routine.

A few dreams came true while I was gone….




+1000 more šŸ™‚

There was also something pretty sweet waiting for us at home too:

haha and look what was waiting for Andrew in the mail

I feel like my eyes were opened to a lot of things while on vacay and am feeling really excited about the next couple months! I’m also really excited to READ YOUR BLOGS! It’s been sooooo long!!

Anywoo, I’ll be doing a full recap of my holiday tomorrow so stick around! Just wanted to pop in and say hello!

Hope you guys have had a great month! Seeyas tomorrow šŸ™‚

Paije xx