Hey guys!!

Hope you’re weekend was awwwesome!

Sorry I’ve been playing ditch with the blog lately but I’m kind of living in a bit of a limbooo. 3/4 of my cooking stuff is packed in boxes while we live with Andrew’s parents and my meals have been reeally random and unblog worthy if ya know what I mean.

Sooo to change that I decided to meal plan this week!

August 30 – September 1


✻homemade red pepper hummus with raw veggies and baked pita wedges


✻pita pizzas and Tandoori Chickpea Salad


Mama Pea’s Zucchini Quinoa Lasagna


✻best vegetarian chili with buns/salad


✻Clean out the fridge stir fry

I will be posting recipes, links, and pics of the meals all week!! 🙂

Plus maybe some breakys, lunches and snacks, too!

Now time to watch Hung and head to bed!!

See ya lovelies tomorrow!!

Have a great sleep!

Paije xx

PS. Sorry no pics! We went to a wedding this weekend and I forgot my other camera in my car! No worries though, lots of pics to come 🙂

PPS. Anyone else out there like to meal plan? I know this girl does! Check out her super great tips about budgeting!!