Ommmgshhhhh can you believe it’s 1 week until Christmas Eve!?!?!

And I just started my Christmas shopping TODAY??

And I have to work 4 days out of those 7??


I’m such a procrastinator. I used to think that I worked well under pressure, but I more so think that I am able to just get ‘er done.  I will be that person on Christmas Eve shopping for last minute stocking stuffers.

Besides working (and not blogging obvi) I’ve been pretty busy this last week! Just with life stuff. You know, lifing 🙂

Some examples of lifing this week:

Making Recyclabows (a tiny home based business my brother and I started).

Putting up and decorating the Christmas tree

Doin’ the Christmas party thang (there was waaaay more food than this)

Making Mama Peas dough balls – finally!!! And of course they are amazeballs.

Getting my ass kicked Working out with Jillian.

Hanging out with these two hooligans.

Custom wrapping the world’s biggest gift.

Making, and eating TONS of, santa salsa

Getting a pedicure – early Christmas present from Andrew’s mom!! ♥

Dressing Beasley up in ridiculous Christmas outfits.

Singing/listening to lots of Seger.

And some new stuff, too.

Playing around in the snow.


Absolutely still participating in 20 salads in December! I’m just a little bit behind in posting!

Salad #4

  • organic spring mix
  • steamed carrots, parsnips and beets
  • basil pesto


Salad #5

  • organic spring mix
  • steamed beets and carrots
  • mushrooms cooked in balsamic vinegar
  • meatless balls
  • yogurt honey mustard dressing


Salad #6

  • organic baby spinach
  • deconstructed sweet potato and roasted vegetable burrito
  • mexican rice
  • bean salad


Salad #7

  • organic baby spinach
  • steamed broccoli
  • frozen roasted veggies
  • veggie burger
  • pepper cheese
  • lemon juice
  • salsa -red/green


Salad #8

  • kale
  • mushroom
  • carrots
  • celery
  • veggie burger
  • pea shoots
  • yogurt honey mustard dressing


Salad #9

That’s about it! Tomorrow I have to do some more Christmas shopping, wrap gifts, hopefully do a little bit of baking and go bowling!!
What are you up to this weekend? Are you all ready for Christmas??
Paije xx