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Fourteen: the number of days it’s been since I blogged. Ick! So sorry but I’ve been a little busy 😉

Thirty-nine: the number of pictures I took of the ocean. Here is just a few.

One: the number of buggies we hot wired.

Two: the number of trees hugged…..don’t ask 😀

tree huggerrr

Four: the number of foods I could actually eat in Punta Cana. Fruit, rice, steamed veggies and ice cream made up my diet for the whole trip. I tried lots of different food but everything tasted the same! And everything else had meat in it 😦

Seven: the number of days we had sunshine! 35C and sunny everyday. The weather was amazing. Same number of days I spent by the pool/beach. Heaven.

Nine: the number of days I went without a hot shower. Only luke warm showers in the Dominican and my stomach was too burnt for warm water when we got back. No shower or burn pictures. Creepos.

Zero Zero Six Four: the number you have to punch into a spanish keyboard to get the @ symbol. The more you know.

Twelve: the number of hours we spent in the airports/plane to get home. Including one stop in Jamaica and a hold up at customs in Saskatoon.

Dos: the number of puppies that were happy to see us!

I’ve literally  cooked a hundred things since we’ve been back but I’ve been sick for the last two days and haven’t had any time to enjoy them! I have lots and lots of more food pics but I’ll save them for another day 😀

Missed you guys more than you know!!

Hugs and kisses,

Paije xo


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