Hey guys!! Remember me?? 

Biggest I’M SORRRY pour vous. 

The past two weeks have been crazytown over here with packing, organizing, cleaning, working and SUNSHINE (I swear all Saskatchewanians are vitamin D deficient. 10C and you will see girls in bikini tops and guys with no shirts) and that = no time for bloggin’. I’ve still been blog stalking just not leaving comments. 😦 

We got possession of our house yesterday (yaaaaaaaaay!!), have to be out of our current res in one week and I am working all weekend + Monday night. Excuses, excuses.

What I’m trying to say is pleeeease still love me, don’t forget about me and I promise I’ll be back after all the moving shenanigans with some tasty recipes, silly rambles and puppy pics. 🙂

Also, could you PRETTY PLEASE go check out Kate’s raffle today and bid on some amazing baked goods? I made peanut butter nanaimo bars and they are awwwwwweesome!! She’s raising the money for an amazing Foundation. It would be mucho mucho appreciated 😀

I’ll leave you with a Beas pic cuz I gotta get this butt to work! 

Sooo much love ❤

Paije xoxo