Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend. I worked a night shift and did some shopping. Just a regular weekend πŸ˜‰

We finally bought a dining room table! Only 3-4 more weeks of eating at the breakfast bar/floor.

We also got some new artwork.Β 

Yeah yeah! The house is fiiinally coming together! I’m suuper sorry I haven’t given you guys a tour yet. We are still trying to get shaat together with the basement so we can rent it out. Obviously, we’re movin’ like molasses.Β 


I had an orthodontist appointment this morning bright and early and I’m possibly only wearing my Invisalign braces for 6 more weeks! It’s almost been 4 looong years and I can’t wait! I’m not counting on it because I’ve been down this road twice before but maaaybe this time will be different! Damn snaggle tooth.

After my appointment I took Beasley for a walk down by the river. The water is SO HIGH. Half the province is flooded again this year and they have been evacuating tons of houses. Lame weather.

He is such a bossy walker πŸ™‚

Brunch was a shiny plate of awesome.Β 

Protein egg puff with sun sparkly maple syrup and white chocolate wonderful pb.

Maple and peanut butter go soo well together dontcha think?

Food for Life gluten free multi seed english muffinΒ with a laughing cow and strawbs jam.

Confession time. I Β eat orange peels. All the time. And love them. Anyone else??

Have I told ya about my new bowl crush?

Meet The Loomm meal bowl.

Β I loooove them. I use it for the egg puff and I don’t burn my hands! It goes in the oven, the microwave and the freezer. Bomb.

Speaking of crushes, I totally have one on this girl.Β 

White girl rap repressssssent.

I slaved away over a hot stove tonight to make supper for Andrew and me.Β 

Leftovaaaaaaaaahs!! I’m such a good date πŸ™‚

Steamed kale with vinegar, Truroots bean trio and red cabbage cooked in a mixture of water, pasta sauce, curry powder and onion powder and a fried egg on top. Who likes runny eggs??? I suuuuure do.

Udi’s whole grain bagel with bruschetta goat cheese

Yeah babesΒ so that’s about sums up my day. I’ve been crushing this chocolate bar and watching Vegas Vacation [faaaaave <3] but I think it’s time for bed! I had a loong nap today so hopefully I can get some sleep cuz I have a miiiillion things to do tomorrow.

Oh and I have been trying to update/clean my google reader so I can be a better blog friend. If you haven’t noticed, organization isn’t one of my strong suits πŸ™‚

Have a great sleep!

Big hugs <33

Paije xo

Tell me….

egg yolks: Β runny or cooked??

orange peels: PLEASE tell me I’m not alone.Β 

crushes: spill yo guts.