I cooked meat for the first time in 5 years yesterday. 

I even made it Facebook official. 

Things are getting craaazy over here.

When I became a vegetarian 5 years ago I developed this total disgust for all things “meat”. I didn’t like the look of it, the smell of it and the thought of cooking it made me want to throw up in my mouth. I wouldn’t even read blogs that weren’t vegetarian/vegan. Funny how things change.

When Andrew and I moved in together I wouldn’t let him cook meat in our house (psycho much?). I really couldn’t just get the thought of those poor animals out of my head and I was in a way hoping that he would “see it my way” and quit eating meat, too.

Fast forward 5 years and Andrew still eats meat. So does everyone in my family actually. And I’m okay with that. I’m absolutely not going to start eating it again and maybe cooking with it isn’t so bad. Of course we buy all our meat from Pine View Farms where the animals are ethically raised, fed vegetarian diets and not pumped full of hormones. Andrew still eats a lot of meatless meals which makes me very happy but he also gets his barbecued burgers, too. Compromise ❤

Soooo what did I make?? 

Well one of his favorite meals are those prepackaged chicken cordon bleus…


and when I saw Janetha’s chicken cordon bleu casserole I knew it would be a hit! 

I substituted the thyme with fresh oregano because Andrew is not a thyme fan and left out the ham for the same reason (picky picky). We can’t get Laughing Cow swiss in Saskatoon yet so I just used regular. Oh, and I halved the recipe, too.


I actually liked the smell of the sauce so much while it was cooking that I decided to make some for myself. I poured it over cauliflower and broccoli, topped it with swiss cheese and spelt bread crumbs and baked them both for 30 minutes @ 350F.

I ate half of this with barbecued asparagus and a pasta salad.

Swiss cheese has totally moved up to be one of my favorite cheeses. Goat cheddar will always be my #1 but swiss is a close second 🙂

The pasta salad was just made with a sauce of greek yogurt, honey dijon mustard, fresh dill + parsley, 1/2 lemon and a splash of pickle juice. 


Andrew and I just got back from taking Beasley for a roller blade and I can barely keep my eyes open! 

I’m off to bed so I can get up bright and early and go to woooork for the long weekend! Jealous?? Ha ha 😉


Paije xoxo

Tell me…..

Favorite cheese? (Vegans-fave vegan cheese or substitute) I loove goat cheese + swiss, obvs. Nutritional yeast ranks pretty high too though.

Food you could eat unlimited amounts of? Besides nut butters and kale, I can’t control myself around pasta salad. Homemade with lots of pickles please.