Hey guys! Happy long weekend! 

Hope you all got to celebrate + hang out with loved ones.

I worked this weekend but am now blogging from my parents house so it was aaaall worth it ❤

I was up early this morning [6:45am is early for a holiday!] to walk Beasley and have breakfast with my mom.

Flax bread with honey + organic pb, 2 egg white + 1 egg omelette with red pepper, mushrooms and a TON of fresh dill, small orange

I spent the rest of the morning hanging out in the sunshine [aka making a barricade in the backyard so Beasley could come out and play] and taking photos/admiring my parent’s garden.

The happy camper 🙂

I think the lettuce looks like little trees.

Anyone want some fresh dill? ha ha

But seriously…this blanket is only about half of what is actually there. Any takers?

‘Lil strawberry patch.

Hidden strawbs.

My mom and I picked all these in about 5 minutes.  Red berry swoooon.

Peppers that put our pepper plants to shaame.

Jalapenos with sneaky dill.

Bolted spinach 😦

Check out these HUGE leaves! Dinos.

My favorite part of the garden…

Kale!!  Ooooh yes!

I missed about a million things, but had to stop the photo shoot to help my pretty mama with the weeding 😀

After doing some maaajah damage to the chickweeds we went inside to have lunch.

Homemade soup, lettuce mix from the garden, orangie, salad toppers and strawbs 

After lunch I had a gloooorious  two hour nap. Felt so so good. I wish I could have a nap every day of my life. Not sure if work would authorize little siestas though ha ha.

When I woke up my mom was already getting started on supper. 

She made three different kinds of veggie burgers! 😀 😀

Big salad, quinoa salad, burgs, goudaa

grilled portabella  with melted gouda underneath a chickpea falafel burger, quinoa veggie burger + ginger sunflower oatmeal burger.

Recipes of the burgers to come ASAP!! They were all really good!!

We just finished taking Beasely for a walk and now I think I’m going to take another turn in the new massage chair [new piece of heaven] and head to  bed!!

Night loves!

Paije xoxo

Tell me…

Do you grow your own veggies?  You’ve seen our little planters 🙂 One day I’ll have one as big as my parents’.

Do you have family sitdown suppers or do you mostly do your own thing?  Andrew and I still don’t have a table so most meals are eaten in front of the tv [shaame on us I know] or outside on the deck but we always have family dinners at our parent’s houses 🙂