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******Edited to add that our  baby girl was born on March 20, this post was already written up and I just didn’t want to waste it :)********

Rambles of a crazy pregnant lady….

—>3 out of the 3 due dates I’ve gotten from my doctors have come and gone. March 16 was my last one. I always had a feeling that the baby was going to come early but this is obviously not the case. Have I ever mentioned that I am kind of impatient? It feels like I’m waiting in the longest line ever.

—>Maternity leave is soo boring! (I am going to regret saying this very soon I’m sure). I have been off work for 20 days now and I miss my job! And because Andrew works Monday to Friday I have totally become this girl…

…errrrrr or something like that.

—>Every cupboard and drawer in my house is clean. Fridge and freezer as well. But my bag isn’t packed yet. Go figure.

—>My stomach is totally a portable table. And I love it.

edamame beans + happiness

—> Our nursery is still not finished because we don’t know the sex of the baby but we do have the hushamok [instead of a bassinet] set up 🙂

—> Our Bradley Method classes are finished! We started taking them in January and I absolutely couldn’t recommend them enough. Love love love. I went into class knowing zero about labour (contractions, push, baby!) and now Andrew and I feel waay more prepared.  If you have never heard of Bradley Method, definitely check out this website

—> My feet have never ever been so swollen in my life. I’m talking like elephant size. I am debating putting a picture on here of what they looked like after our walk the other day but wouldn’t want to scare the shit out of anyone else trying to get pregnant. I will show you a picture of how I wash my feet after work. Who knew big feet = stinky feet?? [Have I grossed you out yet?]

—> We had almost no snow as of yesterday. So I had been enjoying breakfasts and lunches on our deck.

big slab of Angela’s vegan carrot cake loaf with butter, protein muff with almond butter and hemp hearts, 1/2 a grapefruit and raspberry leaf tea

veggie brown rice sushi

And then this happened:

—>my freezer is so STOCKED right now with freezer meals/snacks. I have made [click for recipe]:

—>We are going 10 pin bowling tonight! Gonna make this baby come one way or another….

xo Paije

PS. I will be putting up my birth story soon ish. Then it’s back to food related posts [seeing as this is a food blog and all… ;)]


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