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Okaaaaay another month has passed and I finally have some time to sit down and write this out. My sporadic blog posts are getting a little out of control 😉

Anyway, here goes! Oh and FYI – super graphic. If you’re not into that…maybe just skip on down to the baby pictures!

I’ll start with Monday, March 19th.

Monday was my last doctor’s appointment and the inducement date was set for the 26th. I really did not want to be induced so my doctor had asked if I wanted my membranes stripped (it’s supposed to jump start labour). I said no, but asked if by Friday labour hadn’t started if I could come back and see him. He agreed. When I got home that day I told Andrew that I was going to try everything to get the baby to come before Friday so I wouldn’t have to do that (I had heard it was pretty painful and I wanted to leave all the paint for the actual birth haha). I drank about a million cups of raspberry leaf tea, ate tons of pineapple, did jumping jacks, went jogging by the river (10 second intervals) and then we decided to go 10 pin bowling that night. We played two games and I drank a spicy virgin caesar.

The next day around 11am, Tuesday March 20th I was sitting on my chair on my laptop (typing up my last post actually) when my water broke. It definitely felt like a big gush but when I ran to the bathroom it stopped. I wasn’t exactly sure if I had just peed myself so I called Andrew and asked if he could pick me up some litmus paper (I had read that if it is amniotic fluid it turns blue…) because I thought my water broke. I told him I didn’t think he needed to come home from work as I wasn’t having any contractions but thankfully he didn’t listen to me and took the afternoon off 😉

I had a shower and got ready while I got ready for him to come home and when we did I checked the fluid and the strip definitely turned blue. Not long after that I started having contractions. They started in my back and we started timing them – they were about 4 minutes apart and lasting about 1 minute each. Andrew kept saying that we should go to the hospital but I wanted to stay home a bit longer. I think I lasted about two more contractions before we left the house.

We got to the hospital at about 1:30pm and checking in went smoothly because I had been there on Thursday (random bleeding). They took me to an observation room where they hooked me up to the external fetal monitor for 20 minutes. The contractions started getting really painful and an intern came in and told me he had to check to make sure my water had actually broken. I was pretty upset – I felt that it was so obvious I was in labour – but they checked me anyway and confirmed that I was definitely in labour.

The intern told me that I was about 3-4 cm dilated and I couldn’t believe it. I was dilated that much 5 days previous and the contractions were really painful. They were only in the my back and I was trying everything to help with the pain – pelvic rocking, squatting, leaning against the bed while Andrew put pressure on my back, etc. I was about ready to take anything for the pain at this point – my contractions were overlapping and lasting for almost 2 minutes each time – and the nurses were definitely all for me getting an epidural. I remember one saying “You wouldn’t get dental work done without any pain relief would you?”. Because Andrew knew how badly I wanted a natural birth he told them that I would try to shower first and then we would see how I felt so they took me up to my birthing room. I am a pretty modest person and I’m sure Andrew could tell that I was already in transition when we walked into the room and without the curtains or door being closed I immediately got naked and threw my robe onto the floor before going into the bathroom haha. I am usually really grossed out by public bathrooms and showers and stuff but I’m pretty sure I would have kissed that shower floor had it helped with the pain.

The shower helped a little bit but by now I was moaning so loud and crying I couldn’t even tell the  difference. Andrew kept telling me how good I was doing but I told him to stop looking at me and kicked him out of the bathroom while I screamed/squealed/moaned/cried some more. Not long after this I felt like I needed to push. I sat on the toilet backwards (no idea why this felt better than forwards?) and Andrew went and got a nurse and told her I was pushing. The nurse told him I absolutely could not push and they needed me on the bed to check me. They did another internal and I was 9cm dilated but my cervix still had a lip over it. The nurses and doctor on call all came in then and got everything set up. I was set up on the bed but I just wanted to be on the toilet. They reaaally didn’t want me to go back to the bathroom but I lied and said I had to poop so they let me go. About two seconds later the nurses convinced me not to birth my baby into the toilet and I reluctantly (thankfully) went back to the bed. They were going to let me be in any position I wanted – minus the toilet – but because the back labour was so bad, being on my back actually felt the best.

When my doctor go there he checked me and found that the lip on my cervix was gone so I was able to push. I pushed for about 45-60 minutes before she was born and they checked the heartbeat about 20 times. I squealed and screamed the whole time. I am positive that I scared the crap out of any other women who had not given birth yet on that floor. I actually felt a bit of relief from the contractions when I was pushing – like I had something else to concentrate on other than the pain. I’m thinking that was before her head was out because as soon as it was I started screaming my head off again. The best way I can describe it is that it felt like a semi coming through a dime hole. They put her on my chest as soon as she came out and delayed the cord clamping. Andrew ended up cutting the cord as I held her in disbelief. I pushed the placenta out after but it was nowhere near as painful as birthing the baby but still not easy. Andrew stayed with her the entire time. 

I tore internally (probably from dilating from 4cm-10cm in an hour) so I had to get stitched up. UGH. That’s all I’ll say about that.

Jett Apple was born at 5:03pm, weighed 8 lbs 10 oz, 20 1/4 long and I was in labour for about 4 hours. 

Some notes:

-I had no idea that recovery would be so painful. I laughed when I heard about the frozen pads and huge mesh underwear the hospital supplies until I had her. I froze my own pads and took a pair of those mesh panties home.

-Pooping is terrifying. Haha but seriously. Not sure why no one mentions that.

-When you’re pregnant and everyone tells you to nap LISTEN TO THEM. It’s crazy how little sleep you can survive on. Take advantage of your own sleep schedule while you can. 

-Labour was definitely the most painful and challenging thing I have ever gone through. But I wouldn’t change it for anything.

-And to get a little mushy, I had no idea my heart could feel so full. And I didn’t think I could love Andrew anymore then I did but seeing him as a dad is the most amazing thing ♥

And now I have an almost 2 month old that loves showers, dances with her dad, coos, smiles and poops on everything. And melts my heart everyday 🙂

Paije xoxo

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