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Hey guys! Hope you had a great weekend!

The weather was beautiful here so we spent a lot of time outside.

Friday I had my baby shower! The girls from work wanted to wait until Jett was born to throw me a party and it was so nice to see everyone! It was such a treat to interact with people that can actually talk back 😉

Jett and I got so many amazing thoughtful gifts ♥

[I wish they made that dress in my size!]

After everyone left I hung out with Jett while Andrew made supper. 

Buddah burger with Vegenaise, mustard, pickles, tomato and lettuce, yam with salsa and feta and caesar salad with lots of avocado

Saturday morning we took Jett and Beasley for a nice long walk along the river.

As Jett is getting older she is getting so much more alert and doesn’t like to be strapped down in her stroller. The past three walks we have had to take her out and carry her. She just likes to look at everything! 

We spent the day shopping yesterday [Andrew needed new clothes] and went and visited with his parents and nephew Jaxon. When we got home Andrew made the most delicious supper! Andrew usually makes supper because Jett usually wants to eat as soon as she smells food 😉

ezekiel wrap with tomato paste + spices, sautéed fennel and yellow peppers, crumbled Field Roast smoked apple sage veggie sausage and grated goat cheese and a salad with spring greens, roasted pecans, cranberries, avocado and fennel and peppers with balsamic dressing 

I’ve been eating the same smoothie for breakfast all week. Today was no exception:

I found the recipe on The Green Lean Bean and added strawberries like Lauren did. I looove the coconut water and goji berries in this! 

After breakfast we headed to our Bradley Method class reunion! There were 9 couples in our class and now that everyone has had their babies we decided to get together and have a potluck brunch and a play date 🙂

Prego before pic:

After baby pic:

There were five girls and four boys. Eight natural births and one c-section. Nine healthy, happy babies 🙂

[Jett’s skirt kept riding up so we just let her hang out in her diaper]

After the reunion we came home and Jett and I had a looong nap. Best.feeling.ever. I woke up feeling completely refreshed – naps don’t happen here very often – and HUNGRY! Thankfully we brought home leftovers from the potluck:

quinoa mac n’ cheese with red pepper and broccoli, mixed greens with avocado, feta and balsamic dressing

And a raw chocolate macaroon for dessert ♥


It is definitely time for bed! Night!

Paije xo 

Tell me…

Something about your weekend! Did you do anything fun? Eat anything delicious?? Fill me in 🙂


Welp, there goes another month without blogging. :/

I remember when I got pregnant and Andrew and I were talking about my maternity leave. I thought I would have soo much free time. Time to blog, time to take Beasley for long walks, time to be creative in the kitchen and have supper made and on the table every night. Oh the things I would tell my naive pregnant self lol. Now when I blow dry my hair or empty the dishwasher I’m like:

Honestly the last 3 months have been really hard. Jett has been having some trouble gaining weight [she is gaining just slower than her doctor would like to see] and cries a lot because she is hungry. I am still breastfeeding and she is eating almost every hour so her and I have been stuck together like glue, which has made it a little hard to do anything 😉 Things are definitely getting better now though and she smiles and laughs constantly! She copied me by blowing her lips [motorboat sound?] and I thought my heart was going to explode ❤

Anyway, before this post becomes as wordy as the last one I’ll stop and just leave you with a whole crap ton of pics of the last month 🙂 

I know this post is kind of a cop out. I’m working on that not being the case anymore 😉

Hope you’re all having an amazing week!

Paije xo

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