Have I left you in suspense long enough friends?? 😀

I just wanted to make sure that it was for real…….

Yes, yes. 13 weeks + 3 days and we couldn’t be more excited! 😀

Baby veggie monster due March 11, 2012 ❤

I’ll be back tomorrow with a more legit post! Hope everyone has been having an amazing summer! I CAN’T WAIT to catch up on your liiiiives!! 

Mucho amor.

Paije xoxo






Soo I just wanted to let you guys (if anyone still reads this??) know that I am still alive and in a couple weeks my massive blogging absence will all make sense. Promise. 😀

Until then, you can check me out on Pinterest <—- newly obsessed and pleeeeease wait for me to come back! BIG CHANGES 😀 😀 

Love love love ,


Paije xo


Hey guys! Happy long weekend! 

Hope you all got to celebrate + hang out with loved ones.

I worked this weekend but am now blogging from my parents house so it was aaaall worth it ❤

I was up early this morning [6:45am is early for a holiday!] to walk Beasley and have breakfast with my mom.

Flax bread with honey + organic pb, 2 egg white + 1 egg omelette with red pepper, mushrooms and a TON of fresh dill, small orange

I spent the rest of the morning hanging out in the sunshine [aka making a barricade in the backyard so Beasley could come out and play] and taking photos/admiring my parent’s garden.

The happy camper 🙂

I think the lettuce looks like little trees.

Anyone want some fresh dill? ha ha

But seriously…this blanket is only about half of what is actually there. Any takers?

‘Lil strawberry patch.

Hidden strawbs.

My mom and I picked all these in about 5 minutes.  Red berry swoooon.

Peppers that put our pepper plants to shaame.

Jalapenos with sneaky dill.

Bolted spinach 😦

Check out these HUGE leaves! Dinos.

My favorite part of the garden…

Kale!!  Ooooh yes!

I missed about a million things, but had to stop the photo shoot to help my pretty mama with the weeding 😀

After doing some maaajah damage to the chickweeds we went inside to have lunch.

Homemade soup, lettuce mix from the garden, orangie, salad toppers and strawbs 

After lunch I had a gloooorious  two hour nap. Felt so so good. I wish I could have a nap every day of my life. Not sure if work would authorize little siestas though ha ha.

When I woke up my mom was already getting started on supper. 

She made three different kinds of veggie burgers! 😀 😀

Big salad, quinoa salad, burgs, goudaa

grilled portabella  with melted gouda underneath a chickpea falafel burger, quinoa veggie burger + ginger sunflower oatmeal burger.

Recipes of the burgers to come ASAP!! They were all really good!!

We just finished taking Beasely for a walk and now I think I’m going to take another turn in the new massage chair [new piece of heaven] and head to  bed!!

Night loves!

Paije xoxo

Tell me…

Do you grow your own veggies?  You’ve seen our little planters 🙂 One day I’ll have one as big as my parents’.

Do you have family sitdown suppers or do you mostly do your own thing?  Andrew and I still don’t have a table so most meals are eaten in front of the tv [shaame on us I know] or outside on the deck but we always have family dinners at our parent’s houses 🙂

I cooked meat for the first time in 5 years yesterday. 

I even made it Facebook official. 

Things are getting craaazy over here.

When I became a vegetarian 5 years ago I developed this total disgust for all things “meat”. I didn’t like the look of it, the smell of it and the thought of cooking it made me want to throw up in my mouth. I wouldn’t even read blogs that weren’t vegetarian/vegan. Funny how things change.

When Andrew and I moved in together I wouldn’t let him cook meat in our house (psycho much?). I really couldn’t just get the thought of those poor animals out of my head and I was in a way hoping that he would “see it my way” and quit eating meat, too.

Fast forward 5 years and Andrew still eats meat. So does everyone in my family actually. And I’m okay with that. I’m absolutely not going to start eating it again and maybe cooking with it isn’t so bad. Of course we buy all our meat from Pine View Farms where the animals are ethically raised, fed vegetarian diets and not pumped full of hormones. Andrew still eats a lot of meatless meals which makes me very happy but he also gets his barbecued burgers, too. Compromise ❤

Soooo what did I make?? 

Well one of his favorite meals are those prepackaged chicken cordon bleus…


and when I saw Janetha’s chicken cordon bleu casserole I knew it would be a hit! 

I substituted the thyme with fresh oregano because Andrew is not a thyme fan and left out the ham for the same reason (picky picky). We can’t get Laughing Cow swiss in Saskatoon yet so I just used regular. Oh, and I halved the recipe, too.


I actually liked the smell of the sauce so much while it was cooking that I decided to make some for myself. I poured it over cauliflower and broccoli, topped it with swiss cheese and spelt bread crumbs and baked them both for 30 minutes @ 350F.

I ate half of this with barbecued asparagus and a pasta salad.

Swiss cheese has totally moved up to be one of my favorite cheeses. Goat cheddar will always be my #1 but swiss is a close second 🙂

The pasta salad was just made with a sauce of greek yogurt, honey dijon mustard, fresh dill + parsley, 1/2 lemon and a splash of pickle juice. 


Andrew and I just got back from taking Beasley for a roller blade and I can barely keep my eyes open! 

I’m off to bed so I can get up bright and early and go to woooork for the long weekend! Jealous?? Ha ha 😉


Paije xoxo

Tell me…..

Favorite cheese? (Vegans-fave vegan cheese or substitute) I loove goat cheese + swiss, obvs. Nutritional yeast ranks pretty high too though.

Food you could eat unlimited amounts of? Besides nut butters and kale, I can’t control myself around pasta salad. Homemade with lots of pickles please.


I know I don’t usually post when I’m working because me + 12 hours of work = no time for anything but sleeeeeeeep but I got off a little early today so I found some time to join Jen’s What I Ate Wednesday party!!


1 egg + 2 whites scramble with mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, laughing cow and ketchup, 1/2 english muffin with goat butter and 1/2 an orange.

So I stand alone with my orange peels, hey? Your loss!! 😉

1/4 cup shot of aloe vera juice + spoonful of Essential Women Swirl


work snack of cherry tomatoes and 2 Ryvita crackers with hummus


kale salad, pasta salad, oriental salad, ambrosia salad, deviled egg, chocolate dipped strawbs, watermelon, pineapple

We had a salad + fruit day at work so you can multiply this plate by about 3 🙂


handful of pecans, cashews and raisins. 

Pecans are my absolute favorite nut. Bold statement but very true.


Supper!! Salmon, yams and brusseys.

I baked the yam in the microwave first, sliced it, threw it in some tinfoil with chives, goat butter, salt + pepper and barbecued. Topped with bruschetta goat cheese.

Brussells were tossed in coconut oil with many shakes of Bragg Sprinkle and barbecued.

The salmon was just barbecued plain! I smothered it in honey mustard though of course.


vanilla greek yogurt with a crumbled oatmeal raisin cookie

That’s it lovelies! Beeeeeeed is calling my name! I just took Beas out for his last hoorah of the night and saw this beauty.

Sweet dreams! 

Paije xo

Tell me…

favorite nut? pecans for me!

favorite cookie? anything with oatmeal please!

Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend. I worked a night shift and did some shopping. Just a regular weekend 😉

We finally bought a dining room table! Only 3-4 more weeks of eating at the breakfast bar/floor.

We also got some new artwork. 

Yeah yeah! The house is fiiinally coming together! I’m suuper sorry I haven’t given you guys a tour yet. We are still trying to get shaat together with the basement so we can rent it out. Obviously, we’re movin’ like molasses. 


I had an orthodontist appointment this morning bright and early and I’m possibly only wearing my Invisalign braces for 6 more weeks! It’s almost been 4 looong years and I can’t wait! I’m not counting on it because I’ve been down this road twice before but maaaybe this time will be different! Damn snaggle tooth.

After my appointment I took Beasley for a walk down by the river. The water is SO HIGH. Half the province is flooded again this year and they have been evacuating tons of houses. Lame weather.

He is such a bossy walker 🙂

Brunch was a shiny plate of awesome. 

Protein egg puff with sun sparkly maple syrup and white chocolate wonderful pb.

Maple and peanut butter go soo well together dontcha think?

Food for Life gluten free multi seed english muffin with a laughing cow and strawbs jam.

Confession time. I  eat orange peels. All the time. And love them. Anyone else??

Have I told ya about my new bowl crush?

Meet The Loomm meal bowl.

 I loooove them. I use it for the egg puff and I don’t burn my hands! It goes in the oven, the microwave and the freezer. Bomb.

Speaking of crushes, I totally have one on this girl. 

White girl rap repressssssent.

I slaved away over a hot stove tonight to make supper for Andrew and me. 

Leftovaaaaaaaaahs!! I’m such a good date 🙂

Steamed kale with vinegar, Truroots bean trio and red cabbage cooked in a mixture of water, pasta sauce, curry powder and onion powder and a fried egg on top. Who likes runny eggs??? I suuuuure do.

Udi’s whole grain bagel with bruschetta goat cheese

Yeah babes so that’s about sums up my day. I’ve been crushing this chocolate bar and watching Vegas Vacation [faaaaave <3] but I think it’s time for bed! I had a loong nap today so hopefully I can get some sleep cuz I have a miiiillion things to do tomorrow.

Oh and I have been trying to update/clean my google reader so I can be a better blog friend. If you haven’t noticed, organization isn’t one of my strong suits 🙂

Have a great sleep!

Big hugs <33

Paije xo

Tell me….

egg yolks:  runny or cooked??

orange peels: PLEASE tell me I’m not alone. 

crushes: spill yo guts.


Hey guys!

Soo ten days without a post hey? I’ve had the WORST writer’s block lately. I start to blog but end up just staring at the blank screen for an hour. I love blogging but sometimes find it sooo hard to write what I’m thinking. Lots of times it feels like my posts don’t even sound like me. Do you know what I mean? 


Anyway, we had such an awesome time in Calgary. Even though we were there for less than 24 hrs 😉 I spent way to much money at Crate & Barrel, found a dresser that wouldn’t fit in my car at Ikea, ate a lot of great food and spent some quality time with this guy.

We went back to Gratitude but I forgot to take a pic of my meal. I did remember to take another pic of the bathroom though.

And had Spoonme for dessert:

I got vanilla bean but the gummy worm was the best part. By faaaaaar.

We were going to go to The Coup for supper but I had read a lot of reviews saying that there can be a long wait on Saturday night and after a looong day of shopping I was staarving and didn’t want to risk it so we went to Cafe Koi instead. Baller idea.

I had the Koi Garden Salad with five spiced tofu sticks. Delicious. 

Before we left they city we stopped at Planet Organic and loaded up on veggies and peanut butter puffins 🙂 We also picked up salads for the 6 hour drive home, which I crushed in like 2 seconds. Best salad ever. Lucky for you I have the recipe!

Hail to the Kale Salad

slightly adapted from this recipe

serves 4-6

  • 1 large bunch dinosaur kale (curly kale works but isn’t half as good)
  • 3 cups of broccoli/carrot slaw
  • 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds
  • 1/2 cup sunflower seeds
  • 1/4 cup oil (I used safflower but I’m sure any kind of light oil would work)
  • 1/6 cup Braggs Liquid Aminos (soy sauce or tamari would be fine)
  • 2 1/2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • 1 tbsp dried oregano

Finely chop kale and mix well with broccoli slaw and seeds in a large bowl. Whisk together the remaining ingredients in a small bowl and pour over kale mixture. Massage dressing into the kale with your (clean) hands and chill for 2 hours before serving. 

I’ve literally made this salad like 5 times since we’ve been home. I’ve eaten it almost everyday for the last 10 days. Seriously, if this is the only recipe you try from my blog I’ll die a happy girl. Andrew has been eating this every day, too. LEFTOVERS people. And he doesn’t ever touch leftovers.  

That night I paired it with grilled tofu and grilled corn on the cob which was covered in goat butter. 

I‘ve also had it with grilled salmon, veggies and rosemary bread with laughing cow and sundried tomatoes. And the same placemat and glass of water.

And tonight I had it with leftover salmon, more grilled corn + goat butter (this stuff is soo good) and a super simple wheatberry salad.

Wheatberry Salad

Serves 4

  • 2 cups cooked wheatberries (I cheated and bought frozen)
  • 3 radishes, diced
  • 1/2 orange pepper, diced
  • 1/2 yellow pepper, diced
  • 6 cherry tomatoes, quartered
  • 3 tbsp grated goat cheddar
  • 1/2 lemon, juiced
  • lots of fresh dill
  • black pepper to taste

Mix everything together in a bowl. Donezo.

We also got our garden planted. Well half of it anyways. My mom showed up on Saturday with a new planter full of KALE!! Yes she is a total enabler. But only the best kind 🙂

Red curly kale (I think) and chives.

Peppers! Two red and two green.

The one on the end is a jalapeno pepper plant called Hot Stuff.

Julius red and yellow tomatoes.

It is officially past my bedtime. Yes it’s 9:30pm, the sun is still out and the birds are chirping but ya just gotta be responsible some times, mmmmkay?

❤ Nighty night,

Paije xoxo

Are you a fan of kale? Please say yes.  

Favorite ice cream/froyo/yog topping? Gummy worms apparently do it for me 😀

Hi! Happy Friday! And happy June too 🙂

Now that it’s spring/summer Andrew and I have been going to the Farmers Market every weekend, and sometimes on Wednesdays, too. 

organic free range eggs, tomatoes, baby tomatoes, red, yellow and orange peppers, asparagus and dinosaur kale

Those baby tomatoes taste just like candy!!

I love going to the market and checking out all the little stalls. Saskatoon even has raw food now! I’ve tried the raw cheesecake, pizza and rice veggie rolls. No pics but they were all really good! 

This morning’s omelette was made completely (minus the mushrooms) out of farmer’s market/my garden veggies. 

egg whites/egg, baby tomatoes, asparagus, orange peppers, mushrooms, spinach, basil, dill and goat cheese with toast with pb and cubed watermelon on the side

I also tried a new drink. Drinkme.

This one was kale and orange juice green³ and it was delicious!

ingredients: organic orange juice, organic kale. 🙂

It’s been raining on and off all day so I’m been doing lots of cleaning/organizing and baking.

I made a batch of sour cream and onion kale chips

 extra oniony

 I made another batch of peanut butter nanaimo bars to be shipped off and also tried making a lemon tahini sauce, which I had with supper.

shredded kale, quinoa, steamed broccoli, baby pickles and lemon tahini sauce

Lemon Tahini Sauce

based on this recipe
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup sunflower oil
  • 1 tbsp nutritional yeast
  • 2 tbsp tahini
  • 1 tsp tamari
  • 1 garlic clove
  • pinch of cayenne
  • salt and pepper
Blend everything together in a food processor. That’s it! 

I also had a bowl of baked French onion soup with goat cheddar.

Now I am just munching on this Skinny Cow Caramel Truffle Bar and watching Dateline with Andrew 🙂

We are going to Calgary tomorrow morning for a “strictly business” shopping trip (aka ONLY shopping for house stuff). We reaally can’t afford to go clothes shopping right now but we’ll see what happens 😉 

We will definitely be going here again!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!

Much love,

Paije xoxo

Do you have a farmer’s market near you? What veggie/fruit do you look forward to buying? I definitely look forward to the kale and those baby tomatoes! I swear I could eat hundreds lol.

How are you at sticking to a budget?
Budget?! I don’t even know what that means…..

Hiya friends! Hope you’re having a super fantastic weekend so far!

I’m just relaxing on the couch with Andrew and Beas eating a HUGE bowl of popcorn. It’s back to work for me tomorrow (booooo!) but I had really good days off so I can’t complain 🙂

So yesterday I posted a recipe for honey mustard lime salmon and Megan made a comment saying that she thought the marinade would be really good on tofu.

Duh, genius 😀

Marinated honey mustard lime tofu, barbecued mushrooms and brussel sprouts, steamed dinosaur kale and mushrooms stuffed with goat cheese and sundried tomatoes. 

Thanks Megan!

Guess what?? I did my very very first guest post and it’s for one of my absolute faaave bloggers: Lauren from Lauren Loves Good Food!

Pretty please go check it out! I’ll love you forever 🙂

I’m out! 4:30am comes aaaass early!!


Much love ❤


Paije xo



Heeey guys! Happy Friday!! 😀

Do you ever have days when you’re super productive, getting almost everything on your to-do list done? Aaaand then the next day you do absolutely nada? Yup. That was me yesterday and today. 

I’ll start with yesterday.

I got up early and drove Andrew to work. I came home and took Beasley for a loong walk where we saw some words of wisdom written on the trail. 😀

 “Drop beats, not bombs”.

“Peace in every step”. 

We got home, I did a little weight sesh, showered and made breakfast. I have been LOVIN’ Deb’s protein muffins for awhile now. They’re soo good!! 

I use 1/2 cup liquid egg whites (I ONLY use free run organic), 1/2 tsp baking powder, 2 tbsp brown rice flour, 1 tsp pure vanilla bean powder and 1/4 cup applesauce.

I topped it with 1 tbsp maple syrup, 1 tbsp of PB&C White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter and hemp hearts.

Cherries!!! I wait all year for cherry season. Fo sho. And I literally search high and low the rest of the year for frozen ones. They are my FAVORITE. 

After breakfast I went and got a new phone!!

The iphone 4. Oh yes. Welcome me to 2011 :)

I also got a printer. The HP Envy.


I haven’t set it up yet but I’m reeeally hoping that it will work okay. I haven’t had much luck with HP products 😦 

As soon as I finished picking up my phone and printer, I had to race to the donor clinic to donate some blood!

My iron was 126!! (It has to be at least 125 to give blood) Boooyah!!

I guzzled down an apple juice when I finished and headed home to EAT. It only took me 5:44 for the actual blood donation but I was there for a little over an hour. It was soo busy because our teachers are on a 2 day strike and tons of them came to donate blood. 🙂 

Leftover soup was on the menu. Soo good the second day.

I also had another piece of rosemary bread, goat cheese, sundried tomatoes and basil with baby cukes, snap peas and hummus.

I have been LOVING this new hummus lately. Fontaine Sante Humm! Carmelized Onion. Ever tried it??

After lunch I cleaned up the house a little bit/read some blogs and then picked up Andrew from work and we went and bought a BBQ! It’s still in its box so fingers crossed we will be eating barbequed veggies by Monday 😉

After picking up the BBQ we were both super hungry. The BBQ didn’t actually fit in my car so we had to take it back in the store, come home and then Andrew had to take his vehicle to pick it up. During rush hour. Blech. Anyways, back to hungry.

We had picked up some salmon the other day so Andrew got started on a marinade and I was in charge of the sides.

Moroccan Inspired Quinoa

serves 4

  • 1/2 cup quinoa
  • 1 cup veggie broth
  • 2 tbsp+ water
  • 1/2 onion, diced
  • 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
  • 1/2 tsp tumeric
  • 1/2 tsp paprika
  • 1/2 tsp cumin
  • 1 large garlic clove, minced
  • thumb sized nub of ginger, minced
  • pinch of salt

Spray a small pot with olive oil and heat over medium high heat. Add onion, garlic, ginger and spices and saute until onion is soft, stirring constantly, adding water and making sure it doesn’t burn. Add quinoa and another tbsp of water, stirring constantly until quinoa is lightly toasted, about 2-3 minutes. Add veggie broth, cover with a tight fitting lid and turn the heat down to low. Cook for 15 minutes or until water is absorbed. Fluff with a fork and serve.

Andrew made the bessssssst salmon I’ve ever had! It was omg good 🙂

Honey Mustard Lime Salmon

serves 2

  • 2 pieces of salmon (I think ours were about 4-5 ounces?)
  • 1/2 lime, juiced
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 tbsp honey dijon mustard (or any mustard will do)
  • 1/2 tsp oil
  • pinch of salt

Turn oven on low broil. Whisk all ingredients together in a small bowl. Brush half of the sauce on salmon and place in glass pan sprayed with olive oil. Broil for approx. 6 minutes. Take out the salmon out, brush with remaining sauce and put back in to broil for another 6 minutes. 

Haha I didn’t realize how lopsided my plate looked when I took this pic. Oh, we obvs had steamed brocs too 🙂

I literally stuffed my face and then fell asleep watching the new South Park.


Today….hmmm…..well I walked Beasley this morning. You know that little weight sesh I mentioned I did yesterday morning? Yeah, ummm I wasn’t moving very fast today. I love that burn but OH GEEZ. I took it easy and just played with Beas in the backyard. 

We have one dead spot in our yard and he just loooooves to roll around on it. 

Hahaha monster face.

I finally decided to make breakfast around 11am and wanted to try a savory version of the protein muffin.

I mixed together 1/2 cup egg whites, 2 tbsp brown rice flour, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1 diced mushroom, 2 tbsp chopped red pepper, 2 chopped broccoli florets, 2 tbsp diced onion, 2 tbsp goat cheddar, fresh dill and fresh spinach. Microwaved for 3 minutes on high, plopped on a plate and topped with 1 more tbsp cheese.

I had some toast with pb and cantaloupe too and I smothered the muff with salsa right after I took this pic 😀

I have been snacking on and off all day. Doing lots of nothing and loving it 😀 😀

This is about the only other actual meal I’ve eaten today.


I beefed up the quinoa from last night with some chickpeas marinated in some lemon juice and tossed it with romaine and a big glob of hummus.

I think that is about it! Ah sorry about the mega long post! 

Andrew and I are hitting up the farmers market in the morning and then who knows!


Much love ❤


Paije xo


What is your favorite fruit? Do you only eat it when it’s in season or do you eat it year round? I am like bad obsessed with cherries. I WISH I could eat them year round! Unfortunately I’ve never found frozen ones!

Do you have on and off days? I am definitely not a go go go type person. I looove to do things at my own pace + on my own schedule haha 🙂


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