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Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

(Fur moms count too!)

Did you guys have a good weekend?

Mine was pretty dece 🙂

Yesterday for breakfast I had muesli!

Which I haven’t had in forever! Sooo good.

I think it was about 1/3 cup muesli, 1/2 cup of almond milk and 1 tbsp of cashew butter.

We did some grocery shopping at Costco and then at Co-op.

I picked up a treat at each place.

Next to homemade hummus this is totally my favorite. Clearly evident by the massive tub I got 🙂


I also got these chippers

They are made in Canada and taste AAAMAZING!! There is like 170 cal per 20 chips. LOOOOVE THEM!

I had them for lunch with a salad I picked up from Co-op. The bomb salad. It has some bean salad, greek salad, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, bean sprouts, carrots, and some nuts. It’s just out of this world.

No need for dressing.

Rock salt and vinegar chips with a cheese string.

After lunch we took Beasley for a walk and then we had a nap.

I fell asleep reading blogs haha.

Supper was made and eaten in a hurry.

Another “born yesterday” bun smothered in hummus and relish with a piece of mahi mahi baked with chili powder and paprika, 1/2 an orange and the rest of my salad.

We went over to my cousin’s for a games night after supper and it was so much fun. There was about 9 of us and we played Boulderdash. I had never played before and it was super funny but I am terrible at it! The story of a man and his pig was all I could come up with for a movie script. And everyone knew it was mine 😦

Have you ever played Boulderdash??

I snacked on too much last night! Like waaay too many snacks haha.

We had a huge fruit tray with dip, licorices, cheezies, and hickory sticks.

And maybe some frozen yogurt and more chips when I got home 😉


I woke up today and took Beasley for a walk first thing.

Along our walk I came across these beautiful violets.

I used to get them for my mom when I was little for mother’s day and couldn’t believe when I found one today.

I stuck it in her card and sent it home with my brother.


For breakfast I made a smoothie of strawberries, 1/2 a frozen banana, freshly squeezed orange juice, a handful of spinach and some xanthan gum. I tossed some granola on top for a little crunch.

My mom sent me an awesome book!

And while I was flipping through it I came across this page

Did anyone know this???? I had no idea. I always yank out too much tinfoil. NOT ANYMORE.

For luunch I had a barbequed veggie burger with mustard, hummus, cottage cheese and triscuits.

It was so simple but so perfect.

Then it was BATH TIME for Beasley!!

He’s been smelling pretty stanky lately 🙂

Hahaha omg I just love that face.

Andrew did the 30 day Shred with me today! It was awesome. I would rather work out with someone then alone and he is such a good workout buddy. We were both sweeeeeating!! And almost late for supper.

We went to Andrew’s parent’s house for Mother’s Day supper tonight and we brought a salad with organic greens with dill, red peppers, goat chedda, mushrooms and onions. And we made some spinach and artichoke dip cups. Supper was so amazing. We had salad, roasted potatoes and carrots, salmon skewers and garlic bread. Andrew’s sister-in-law made death by chocolate for dessert. I almost died. I wanted to eat the whole bowl, but I refrained. Barely 😉 No pics though! So sorry!!

Okay, it is totally bed time now!

It’s back to work tomorrow for me and I need my beauty sleep.

Sweeet dreams bloggiessss!

See ya tomorrow!

Paije xx


Sup muffins! Today was like the fastest day ever! I can’t believe that it’s already 11:00 pm! Craziness.

I woke up a starvin marvin this morning. Good thing I made overnight oats last night. Pheeeew. I added macadamia nut butter to switch it up a bit, raspberries, aaaand granola for the crunch.

I couldn’t even eat it all! Weird.

I cleaned cleaned cleaned this morning and took Beasley for a quick walk. When I came back I tried my hand at scones. I’ve never made them before but figured they couldn’t be too hard! And I was correct. SCONE WIN. I made whole wheat maple date scones and they were awesome possum!

ghetto rolling pin. it’s what all the cool kids use.

Meee ow. I used my pizza stone and it worked perfectly! Minus the extra bit of flour creeping on top of them.

As soon as the scones were done I had to run out of the house to meet this pretty girl for lunch

Can you believe this was in 2008?? Haha obviously before I found Invisalign. Damn snaggle.

I brought her a scone and some asian parteh mix to snack on at work.

Anywoo we went to Jakes on 21st for some lunch and and some chatting. I MISSED HER!! I had The Mediterranean panini with a side of fruit. Of course it was fabulouso. And I was a good girl and took a picture. ( I will learn to be a good food blogger one day) 😉

After lunch I came home and had lots of bonding with this little man

After sharing a few bites of scone

Aaaand he’s done with pictures. Look at this dirty grimace.

Bahaha. He just makes my life.

Before I knew it it was suppa time! Andrew wasn’t eating with me so I decided to make clean-out-the-fridge-veggie-burgers. Yes that is what they are actually called. They can have anything in them and they are (almost) always great.

Start with some veggies

mix in some black beans, carrots, pumpkin seeds, an egg, a handful of oatmeal, worchestshire sauce, cheese, etc.

use your new mister (or if you didn’t just go to Home Sense for some retail therapy) put about a tsp of olive oil in a pan and cook the burgers!

I made a few minis as well

My plate

Leftover bean salad from last night, steamed broccolini and asparagus with lemon juice and goat cheese, flax bunny with my burga topped with sprouts, organic ketchup and relish. I LOOOVE RELISH! Any kind. For reals.

I probably went back and had another burger 🙂

Dessert was some serious sconeage. I warmed one up in the oven, cut it in half, topped it with some Stoneyfield Yo Baby Vanilla Hug yogurt mixed with xanthan gum to make it fluffy, and raspberries.

It was sooo goood but I just couldn’t finish it all. Oh wells.

Two AWESOME things about tomorrow:

1. It is Waffle Wednesday!! And I have waffles. Ooh yeah.
2. MY MOM IS COMING!!! Na na na na na na na.

Hope you guys had a great great day! Be back tomorrow!

Paije xx

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