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Hey!! Sorry again for my MIAness.

Computes and I have been having a little break.

Break was obvi short lived, but I am working night shifts now…so you know the deal.

I’ve decided to bore you to death with pics of the same breakfast I have had for the past 5 straight days. Scottish oats and I have been having a seeeeriously long love affair. Time to take a break I think.

Same recipe for all the days. Ashley is my food hero.

oats by the computer

with granola, crofters jam and a blob of almond hazelnut butter

oats on the coffee table

swirled with crofters jam and almond butter

pretty oats

same toppings as before.

Soooo moving onto nonoatmeal meals…..

lunch on thursday was a kale salad with grilled corn on the cob, baby cucumbers, avocado, goat chedda, pickles and a bunch of other stuff. Massaged into the kale was some roasted red pepper dressing and ranch on top.

I was faaamished when I got home from work and luckily I have a frickin awesome other half. He made me curry for supper!! His very own recipe he says. I know that he used cauliflower, peas, onions and almond milk with garam masala, curry powder and cayenne but other than that I have no clue what was in this.

I also had a side of brown rice

For dessert I had banana ice cream. I’m not sure where I first got this recipe from (I’m about 98% it was from Gena’s amazing blog) but I make sure to ALWAYS have frozen bananas now.

I mixed one banana with a tsp of almond butter and a tbsp of chia seeds.

More granola went on top.


Yesterday I had a lunch date and forgot my camera 😦 I swear if I had the big honkin’ photo geek camera that I want I would never forget it at home. One day.

Supper last night was leftovers/clean out the fridge night.

leftover curry, chili and with half an Ezekiel english muffin with raspberry jam and a laughing cow.

This was definitely the highlight.


Today we went to the farmers market!!! YAY!! It was awesome. SOMEONE forgot her camera again though. Jeeez. We bought lots of goodies and had a little snacker plate from a new cafe to the market. I got roped into buying some nuts that I couldn’t even test myself because I was wearing my Invisalign braces. The salesman was BOLD! He kept making jokes about “his nuts”. It was funny but after a few too many nut jokes I almost starting feeling uncomfortable. So I bought the stupid nuts. Damn. I need to learn to say no.

woop woop! Market loot.




samosas (Andrew’s)

homemade hot salsa

organic truffle oil

marinated veggie salad


raw goat cheese

I have looked every where in the city for raw goat cheese. Insanely excited.

Boo yah! We had to go to the Bulk Cheese Warehouse to get it but I don’t mind. I love finding new cheeses. Goat cheddar is definitely my favorite. Or applewood smoked cheddar. Yuuuum!

Andrew and I took the pup for a looong walk when we got home since it was so nice out. And then I came home and did my usual 20 minute HIIT on the treadmill.

I tossed my marinated veggies on some spinach and added 1/4 of an avocado for lunch.

Sorry this post is crazy rushed but I still have to shower, make supper and get my ass to work for 7pm. And it’s almost 5pm. So much for a nap!!

Byeeeesss!! Hope you are having a super fabulous weekend!!

Can’t wait to catch up and read some blogs on Monday when I’m on days off πŸ™‚

Paije xx

Smile of the day

Post Secret Blog



This is going to be a super short one with not much talkie talkie.

I am exhausted and the temp inside my house is 85F.

For reals. Its a sweatmess x2.

Beasley is eating ice chips he is so hot!


Breakfast was just a simple 2 egg white omelette with a light laughing cow, some organic raspberry jam and 1/2 a mango.

Smooooshy egg cheesy jammy goodness.

Lunch was pretty boring. Kale salad with steamed broccoli, brown rice and left over nacho sauce.

I also had a cheese string, some triscuits, a millet puff I found in the back of the work freezer and some cherries.

Supper was a pita pizza with organic pizza sauce, broccoli, mushrooms, peppers, onions and pineapple. A side salad with grape tomatoes, feta and ranch, pepperoncini, pineapple, Β too.

Baked in the oven for 20 minutes with a teeny bit of goat cheese.

I love the combo of feta, pineapple, peppeoncini and ranch. Bowwowowow.

After supper I baked mini muffins (mmmmaybe the reason our house is so hot??) again because I ate 5 of them last night and took the rest to work today. I seriously am a MONSTER.

They are lemon rosemary mini muffins though! I would have NEVER EVER thought that this would be good but they are RIDICULOUS. Like I said, I ate 5!!!!

I am drooling again just thinking about them! And I just ate one hehe πŸ˜‰

So teeeny, sooo gooood! I’ll post the link tomorrow when I’m not so laazy!

Dessert was a Stoneyfield Apple Loves Blackberry yogurt, chopped cherries, hazelnut almond butter and hemp hearts.

I added half a muffin at the end cause I rollllll just like that.

And that’s all from me tonight!

Hope you guys had a great day and have a shaweeet day tomorrow!

See u in the pm!

Paije xx

Ques: What are your favorite flavor combos???


How is everyone?

Another block is ova for me!!

Days off are here and it is raining!!

Haha oh well, another excuse to stay in and be lazy today πŸ™‚

I had lots of repeat eats for my night shifts so try not to fall asleep while you read this.

breakfast #1

1/3 cup oats, 1/3 of each almond milk and water, frozen blueberries, chia seeds and topped with almond butter, raspberry jam and molasses.

breakfast #2

b-fast burrito with 2 egg whiles, swiss chard, mushrooms, onions, red pepper, dill. On the bottom of the wrap was a laughing cow and hot sauce. Grapes on the side. Ballin.

breakfast #3

Yes breakfast #3 looks identical to #2. I NEVER EVER have liked breakfast burritos but woke up with a craving for one 2 days in a row. Weird weird weird.

Lunch #1 was epic.

chopped cup kale, steamed broccoli, 1/2 cup brown rice and cheesy kale chip sauce massaged into the mess. The sauce is 1 cup of soaked cashews, 1 red pepper, 1/2 cup cilantro, juice from 1 lemon, 1/4 cup nutritional yeast, garlic clove, salt and pepper in a food processor. wwwwwwweeeeeeeee!

Its amazing. TRUST ME.

Lunch #2

Don’t judge me.

Lunch #3

Is MIA. Not sure at all…probably more lunch #1 and #2 har har har.

Dinner #1

salad with cod, cucumbers, peppers, and rice parm on top. OF COURSE the hummy dressing made an appearance.
I also had a slice of The Big 16 bread with some Earth Balance on the side.

Dinner #2

Ha this was the only picture I took of my pancakes! I was in such a rush to leave for work I guess I must of forgot to take an after picture πŸ™‚

Dinner #3

fried cabbage with vinegar, chili fish, kale salad, Big 16 bread with Earth Balance.


I did have lots of oranges, apples, bananas, grapes, etc., I did not take pictures of them. I’m sure you know what they look like πŸ˜‰

I did, however, take pictures of my mango, an individual cupcake (!!!) and banana softserve!!

I stuffed mine with raspberry jam and used almond butter as the icing. YUM.

I have lots of plans for days off so stay tuned. There just might be a small city blogger meet up πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Hope your hump day was splendid and I’ll see yous tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!

Paije xx

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