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Hey lovebugs!!

Hope you’re having an incredible week 😀

I am working my last night shift tonight and then I’m off for 4 days! I can’t wait!!

Who’s participating in What I Ate Wednesday?? I am!! Holla Jen!!


To say that I am only slightly obsessed with Ashley’s banana cornbread bake would be an understatement. I’ve eaten it 5 days in a row now!! It is that good. Oatmeal who?

Topped with a layer of homemade vanilla pecan butter. Can’t.get.enough. This keeps me full for like 4.5 hrs! Supreme.


Huge bowl of cantaloupe. Soo fresh and delicious.


My dad was in the city yesterday (awesome!!) and my mom had sent along some quinoa salad for me! She knows me soo well 🙂

Baby romaine, quinoa salad, chickpeas, avocado and a big blob of hummus. I’m DEFINITELY going to have this again today 😉


I made another batch of vanilla macaroons for my parents. Not before sneaking a couple for me though. Duh.

I love these blond bad boys. They’re slightly crunchy on the outside, soft and yummy on the inside. 



Was taken to work so please excuse the fancy shmancy bowls.

Kale salad massaged with a dressing of oil, vinegar, lime juice, garlic, cumin and salt, chopped pickles, green peppers and hemp hearts. 

I ❤ massaged kale.

Insert 3 brown rice cakes and a ton of hummus.


Because I work 12 hr shifts I make sure to bring tons of food so I don’t starve! I try to eat something every 2-3 hrs to keep my belly happy and to keep me awake 😀





with some more vanilla pecan nut butter for dippage


One good thing about working a night shift is the opportunity to have breakfast again! I love having the x2.

This may not look like much now, but after 4 minutes in the microwave it turns into an quinoa apple pie ish breakfast delight. 

It’s Leanne’s 5 minute Apple Quinoa Flake Bake and you should make it now! Tastes amazing and seriously takes only 5 minutes. Winning! 

That’s about does it! I’m off for a quick run and then it’s back to work!! 

Love & hugs,

Paije xoxo

Qs: Tell me something you ate yesterday! 


Sup dolls!

Hope you had a lovely Wednesday!

I am definitely beginning to feel the stress of moving!

My to do list is growing by the second.

Oh well, right? Ten days from now and I will be on holidays 🙂


Breakfast was…..

wait for it….

a smoothie!!


1 cup of almond milk

2 rings of pineapple

1 frozen peach

1 scoop of vanilla isoflex

1 tsp bee pollen

Right after breaky I got straight to work on making some nut butters. I made Ashley’s salt kissed pecan butter and then a hazelnut chocolate kind with vanilla and chia seeds.

pecan butter

chocolate chia hazelnut butter

The dynamic duo 🙂


I packed for the next 3 hours. Organized, cleaned and packed. Fun stuff.

I took a break for lunch and made Gina’s crepes!!

The verdict?


I big red heart them to pieces.

I couldn’t decide on sweet or savory cuz I love both, so I had both 😉

I rolled one up with raspberry jam and the salt kissed pecan butter

and these two had sauteed zucchini, green pepper, shallots and broccoli with a teeny bit of pesto.

Laughing Cow sauce of 2 wedges, 1/4 cup almond milk, salt, pepper and tons of green onions

Gina is a for real food genius. These are ridiculously amazing.

Soooo easy and sooo versatile.

In love.

I also had a small bowl of leftover potato soup on the side.

with goat chedda and sriarcha.

While I was eating I did a little bit of lurkwork and came across this post by Lisa. I love her blog and this post was fantastic. So open and honest. It inspired me to give you a little random fun fact about me.

If you really knew me you would know that I am a notorious shower singer. I belt like a Grammy winner when no one is home!

Some of my favorites include:

Anyone else have terrible taste in music? LOL

For supper tonight Andrew’s grandparent’s took us out to celebrate Andrew’s birthday. His actual birthday isn’t until the 3rd of August but because we will be gone they decided to take us out tonight.

We went to The Cave and I had a 1/2 order of greek salad and bruschetta.

Imagine them because I didn’t snap any photos!

I did manage to take a picture of his sweeet grandparents though 🙂

They are just amazing.

A picture of me and the birthday boy was also taken

Unfortunately, I’m awfully unphotogenic.

When we got home I was still kind of hungry so I had another slice of bruschetta and some steamed broccoli and carrots with a blob of mustard for dipping.

Kind of a strange dessert, no?

Well I’m kind of a strange girl 🙂


I should probably get to bed.

Lots more packing tomorrow and I’m heading out to the Berry Barn for breakfast with Andrew’s mom in the morning!

Sweet dreams!

Paije xx

I know you’ve been missing Beasley pics so here’s a couple to make YOU smile 🙂

Hey guys!

Hope you’re having a great Monday!

I am blogging from my parent’s house tonight! Last minute I decided to take off my two day shifts and come home for a couple of days. I really need to clear my head and get out of the city because lately I’ve been feeling like things just aren’t clicking with me. In almost every aspect of my life. I’m not exactly sure when things went awry but I just feel really off. Blogging is about the only time I feel sane, if you can imagine that! Sorry to spill my guts but I just wanted to let you know what’s going on withe me. I have a few ideas on how to fix this little funk but I’ll talk about that after the meals 🙂

Supper last night was Andrew’s baked french onion soup with goat chedda and garlic crunchies.

I looove french onion soup so much! I usually make a small hole in the side, eat all the soup first and then eat the cheesy bread part at the end.

For dessert I had some vegan tofu chocolate pie with some apple loves blackberry yogurt, pecans, strawberries and hemp hearts.

I made the chocolate tofu cake the other night and I think my dates were bad because ppppppppuuuuuuuu the crust tasted like crap! Soapy crap even. I salvaged some of the cakey part that wasn’t touching the crust for my dessert and tossed the rest.

Breakfast was light ish

Just some toast with pecan butter, strawberries and 1/2 an orange.

I was planning on taking Beasley for a walk and then coming home and doing P90x yoga but plans changed and I only got to take Beabs for his walk. No biggie.

I ate some homemade trail mix of filberts, macadamia nuts, cashews, pecans, almonds, chocolate chips, walnuts and something else I can’t remember the name of during the 2 1/2 hour drive home.

When I got home my mom had this babeh ready for me

Yowza! In the mix was some cabbage, wild rice,  tomato sauce and zucchini and it was taaaasty!

I had a side salad of romaine and organic mixed greens with cucumbers, orange and yellow peppers, fresh chives from my mom’s garden, grated carrots and dill, a piece of corn on the cob and a homemade flax bun.

Lazy vegan cabbage rolls

My mom and I took Beasley for a walk after supper and I’ve been munching on anything I can get my fingers on around here! I am a total feeling eater. 100%. I made some pecan butter and some more lemon rosemary muffins (I have a seeerious problem) and  I just finished some pita chips. Can you say MONSTER??


You might be wondering about the title of this post. Or maybe not. Regardless, the witching hour is what I call the time of day when I am the most productive. There is about a 4 hour window where I have so much energy, am so inspired, get the most accomplished, etc. I am in my groove during the witching hour. That time for me just happens to be 10:30pm ish – 2:30am ish.

I was up until about that time last night making birthday gifts. I got in the mood about 10:30pm and just couldn’t stop. I also wrote a ton of ideas for posts and a few scribbled recipe ideas. I’m a nut case. Now you now.

I also came up with some fun ideas to get me out of my skunky funk. They are also mini-challenges because challenges make things more fun! I have been reading tons of blogs that make monthly goals and while I really like this, I am only committing to three. Small enough that I am not intimidated by these goals, big big enough that I will feel accomplished when I complete them 🙂

  1. 60 minutes of exercise daily. This might seem obvious to everyone that exercise makes you feel better, but I rarely get a whole hour in. Beasley walks count, but I want some sweatmess happening over here. I am joining a gym when I get back to the city and am uber excited for all the fun classes!
  2. A salad a day. Again, might be a no brainer because salads are awwwesome for you but salads are my absolute favorite meals and are so versatile! I’ll be trying lots and lots of new to me salads in the next 60 days so check back often! This blog and this blog blow my little salad loving mind!
  3. Insert smile here. This is probably going to be the most important one for me. I really do love my job but holy jeeeepers is it ever negative. There is nothing positive about the things we hear at work. The girls at work are great, it’s just what my job entails that is such a bummer. Crime crime crime and lots of saaad stories. ANYWAYS, because I sometimes find it hard to just leave my work shit at work, I am inserting something that makes me smile into my life everyday. Whether it be a silly story, a picture, a video, a quote, whatev else I will be posting it here! Hopefully it will get a smile out of you, too 🙂

Today was supposed to be day 1 of my challenges and I did okay given the wonky circumstances.

I walked Beabs for a total of 1 hour (or really close to).

I had a salad at supper.

Insert smile here:

This blog

This video

This picture

That’s all for tonight friends! Sweet dreams and I’ll see you tomorrow!!

Paije xx

Questions: Do you have a witching hour?? If so, what time?? What do you like to do during this time? I bake, clean, write, plan, organize, etc. I am constantly asking Andrew “Is the food processor going to wake you up??” haha.

What makes YOU smile??? My family, friends, Beasers, random acts of kindness, stupid funny 5 am jokes, blogs, sunny rain, traveling, etc. I could go on for ever and ever 🙂

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