Sorry for my missing self the past little bit. I received some pretty discouraging news last week and have been in a food/workout/life rut ever since. But I’m picking my bottom lip off the ground and moving on πŸ™‚

Just a small kink in my life plans but everythings gotta happen for a reason right? Riiiight.

In lieu of my life rut, I didn’t take hardly any food pics! BUT I have some adorable puppy pics! My friend Kristi came over yesterday so I could meet him and take him and Beasley for a walk.

Hello Larry πŸ™‚

I so fell in love with his sweet face.

Paije + Larry

****Small confession….I totally thought that today was St. Patrick’s Day so I was trying to add greens to my meals {I realize how lame it sounds now lol} and only found out that it was only the 16th when Andrew came home from work and told me the date. Uh huh. So yeah…onto the food πŸ˜€

I mixed 1 tsp of spirulina into my yogurt {thanks Emilia!} and topped it with frozen raspberries.

I cooked 1/2 cup egg whites + 1 whole egg with a ton of fresh dill and mixed in a laughing cow.

And enjoyed a juuuicy pear on the side.

A while ago I won a crazyawesome giveaway from Kristie over at Lighter Portions and it finally came in the mail!! I won $50 to CSN Stores but was having some problems with shipping to Canada. The rep I was dealing with was named Cameron and he was the absolute best! He responded to my emails super fast and was just an absolute doll. CSN Stores ended up paying for my shipping so I could get what I wanted πŸ™‚ Long story short = CSN Stores are fantastic!!!

Here’s what I got:

A spiralizer!! I have wanted one forevverrrr and now I have one!! Woot wooot! I used it to spiralize a carrot for my lunch today.

Carrot nub.

Orange spirals for ma salad.

I topped the spinach and carrots with chopped celery, green onions, avocado, hummus and leftover lentil walnut loaf.


After lunch I took my book and a blanket outside to sit in the sunshine. It was soo nice today and I am soooo ready for spring!Β {As I started typing this it started to snow again. Uggggh}

I came inside to workout but sooo was not feeling the 30 day shred today. I have been doing level 3 and my back and abs are a liiittle bit sore today so I thought I would do Jillian’s yoga meltdown. Level 2. Uh yeah. Definitely underestimated the rank.

This is for suure a step up from level 1. For me anyways πŸ˜‰


Supper was just a mishmash of random food.

Veggie burger on toast with grainy mustard, relish and goat chedda, roasted bnut squash and some strawbs!

Squash is smothered with the gloooorious Tiger Tiger May-o with Indian Tikka.


I think that’s about it from me tonight, mmmkaaaay? I have an orthodontist appointment bright and early {3+ years of Invisalign….} and then I have an appointment to give blood! Cross your fingers my iron levels are up!!

Oh and R.I.P. Nate Dogg. If you ever listened to Chronic 2001 {don’t pretend you didn’t} his songs were stuuuuck in your head.

Earmuffs if you don’t like swears.




Paije xoxo


Questions: Have you ever tried Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown? Did you like it??

How do you pick yourself up from a life bump??